What is "Petrocad3d"?

This is a design program for natural gas plant that use process of simulation in order to improve the designer. So you can simulate your plant or individual units. It is too possible that in the future this program could be extended for chemical plant.

When is this program coming out?

At this point, it is too early to provide an exactly estimate on the release date, but it is possible it will take around of nine month.

What is the main different with the other typical program?

Petrocad3d, doesn't suppose stationary conditions. For example. When you connect 2 units, in this program only you do it with a pipe, and the direction of flow is calculate in different of pressure between those two point. If you want to control the flow in that pipe you need to put a valve control and the appropriate sensor.

Does program is free?

No. This program is not free. If you use this program you need to accept the condition of the use. All the copyright is kept by the author of this program.

I am a student, can i use this program, and how much will i need to pay for it?

If you are an engineering student, and you use this program in other to make you homework of the university, you can use this program free for payment, but you need to accept the condition of the use.

In this moment you don't need to register for downloading the program. But in the future, you need to do it, and you must help us to improve this program just send you problem of engineering, comment about it, etc. For example, you want to estimate the pressure inlet of the pipe, and you notice you wont be able to do it with this program. You just tell us about it, and we will do our homework so fast so good.

I want to use this program in my work, can i do it?

In this moment the program is not finished, and you need to wait for the commercial version of this program.

How much will it cost?

In this point, it is too early to provide an exactly estimate of the cost. But i will be sure, this program will cost cheaper like others.

Will there be a linux version of Petrocad3d?

Petrocad3d is being developed for the pc with windows platform. We work hard in other to develop a linux version.

What are the system requirements for Petrocad3d?

In this moment the program is no finished, but we notice that if you want to see your plant in 3D view, we recommend a computer with good video card, 1.8Ghz and 1Gb of RAM.