Click the pipeline and accessories button, you must see the below image

In this part you can estimate how much wide will be the diameter of the pipeline and the cost of itself.

Set the temperature in the 2 points, the INLET and OUTLET.

Set Pressure that you want to have.

Set Flow of Feed, and click in compound button, enter the composition of the Feed.

Set the distance between the 2 points, INLET and OUTLET

Set the difference of height

Set the material, that you want to build you pipeline.

Set the Target, in order to change the object of the compute.

  • Diamter, if you want to compute diameter of pipe
  • Flow, if you want to compute flow of pipe
  • Pressure Out, if you want to estimate pressure outlet of pipe
  • Pressure In, if you want to estimate pressure inlet of pipe.

Examples :

  1. Examples of Diameter
  2. Examples of Flow
  3. Examples of Pressure